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Why us?

Confidence starts with a trusted partner

Let's be honest your sceptical about hiring an agency and feel you can make do with the resources at your disposal. You're hard-working, creative and determined to succeed but as a business owner, you have realized you wear too many hats to keep your business running. You have worked hard to grow your business organically, you put up signs, promoted within your community, and took advantage of free media opportunities available to you; but at some point, you realize your business is not growing and you want new clients.  That is why we want to help, let R9 help dispel the myths about working with a digital agency and take away that marketing hat from you.

Myth "I cannot afford to hire an agency"

As a business owner, you might think that working with an agency is for large corporations with big budgets but the truth is that a digital agency like R9 is here for budget concise business owners.  We cater to small to medium companies, with a goal to help hard-working business owners grow.  We start with a simple conversation to better understand your business issues and only engage the specialist you require which helps to create a plan that is within your budget. Our goal is not only to help you succeed but to set you up for success moving forward.

Myth "I have tried Google ads and it did not work"

Google and Facebook have made it more accessible for companies to promote their business through their respective channels but it's not always that easy. Are you setting up your account correctly? What keywords should you be using? Where are your ads being displayed? and, what should I budget? are all important questions.  At R9 we thrive on correctly setting up your accounts and help take the guesswork out of the setup.  You will be surprised at how small changes can help promote your business to your target audience.  

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